Crown Imperial

Taken this morning, at Green Lake park. Fritillaria imperialus or as Perdita in A Winter’s Tale called them, Crown Imperial.

The Green Cherry tree, Prunus serrulata ‘Ukon’ – g

Darling Buds

New blossoms from one of our Bradford pear trees in one of my Mom’s antique vases, taken in our kitchen yesterday.

A feat of magic! I finally grew a fritillaria! I’ve planted so many and they have foiled and failed me each time. But last autumn I was extra careful and now today, at last, I have three coming up! This is a Fritillaria meleagris, aka Snake’s Head Fritillaria or Checkered Daffodil. Delicate and magical, their appearance is helping to soothe the sting of all the plants I lost in the winter snows.

A garden continually reminds one of life’s lessons. This one is HOPE. – g

Suddenly (Finally) It’s Spring! …er, Summer!

The sun finally emerged two days ago after an interminable stretch of rain and gloom. But it has still been unseasonably cold –yesterday morning it was 32 degrees and the birdbaths had ice in them. 

Today, it reached 70 and the streets, lakes and beaches were loaded with people in shorts and tank tops. That old expression about England applies to us – if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.

It is gloriously, deliriously and exquisitely beautiful outside, sparkling and fresh. Although everything that blooms is a week or two late. Fine with me as we have a week of great weather ahead and I won’t have missed shooting a single cherry, plum or other kind of blossom. Because I only have about 3,000 shots of them in my library and one wouldn’t want to run out… :)
Here are some shots of one of our Blireiana plum trees (Prunus x blireiana). – g
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