May in Paris: Roses at the Rodin

White Roses at Musée Rodin, Paris

Hello, my friends! I have a treat for your weekend!

Last May at this time I was in Paris on a whirlwind photographic trip that took me from there to London, Birmingham and Amsterdam – a very intense journey of assignment work and must-get-the-shot projects (followed by a solid week of sleeping). But no manner of deadlines could dissuade me from the marvelous respite of an afternoon among the roses in the gardens of the Musée Rodin. So much beauty to overwhelm the senses!

I realized I’d not shared the images with you here so felt that would be a fitting way to end the lovely month of May. Shall we go?

Abundant roses in late May, Musée Rodin, Paris

Musée Rodin, Paris

The formal, symmetrical architecture of the museum stands as a graceful and elegant counterpoint to the wild exuberance of the blooms.

Rodin's Thinker

Rodin’s famous sculpture, “The Thinker”, is the focal point of the front garden.

The dome of Les Invalides is a nearby landmark.

Witnessing every rose bush at peak bloom truly astonished me! But Paris was warm, almost hot that week. (A few days later, at the David Austin Rose Center outside Birmingham, England, I found it cool and damp with the roses still in buds.)

(You might recognize this garden from the movie Midnight in Paris.)

Musee Rodin Paris

The Eiffel Tower is just visible from the gardens.

The garden of the Musée Rodin in Paris is certainly one of the loveliest places to spend an afternoon in May!

Going back through these images revived the beautiful, almost dreamlike, memories of that visit, where I took a few hours, caught my breath, cherished my surroundings. Despite the heavy gear, sore feet and jet lag, I am so fortunate in my work to experience such exquisite beauty and to share it with you.

I do hope you have enjoyed visiting this incredible location!

Much love,


I Left My Heart

The Golden Gate from Baker Beach

The Transamerica Pyramid and The Sentinel Building

Fire escape and copper-green windows of the Sentinel Building

Lanterns in Chinatown; Restaurant in North Beach

Lanterns in Chinatown


Victorian Building, North Beach

Ranunculus at San Francisco Flower Market; Cable Car

Gelato and sidewalk cafes in North Beach

The Painted Ladies, Alamo Square

Victorian Houses, Alamo Square Historic District

Cherry blossom time in San Francisco

Hello everyone! I hope your month of May has been merry!

For your weekend viewing, I’m bringing you a colorful tour from our recent adventure in San Francisco. The weather was gorgeous, clear and sunny, with a very strong wind that threatened to blow us over a few times while navigating the steep streets and sidewalks (especially when carrying 30 pounds of gear!)

Our trip was a mix of business, family visits and a little getaway. D used to live in the North Beach area and I’m quite familiar with the city, so we very much enjoyed visiting favorite spots and indulging in perhaps too much Italian food and gelato (but is there such a thing as too much gelato? I think not). Experiencing other environments is so rejuvenating, isn’t it? Even a drive to a neighboring area for lunch or sightseeing can be such a lift to the spirits and also make you appreciate where you live even more. An adventure near to home is an adventure just the same. I’d love to hear what adventures you’ve  been on recently or are looking forward to.

(In other news, this week I completed a huge and important project which had been my main focus for the last six weeks, so my shameful blogging neglect will be soon rectified. Thank you for continuing to visit through it all.)

Thinking of you and sending wishes for a lovely weekend. I hope these photos bring a bit of joy and adventure.

much love,


Hellebores from Our Garden

Hello, dear friends!

I hope this finds you very well. I’ve been on location and traveling so blogging time has been a bit limited. But I’m back and thought you’d like to see a bit of what is growing in the woodland garden.

Every year here I do a feature on our amazing hellebores, also known as Lenten Rose, which thrive in our cool and damp climate. When we purchased our property six years ago, I discovered three hellebore plants in one of the beds near the entrance to the house and became entranced with them, although I didn’t know what they were! Since then, I’ve added dozens of them to the garden, mostly in the woodland area, where they bloom from January to May or June. And they leaves are evergreen so they are beautiful throughout the year.

They tend to nod their heads rather shyly, and on flat ground you need to bend over and tip the faces of the flowers up to appreciate their beauty. Since our property is very hilly, I planted them on the upward slope of the woodland garden where we can look up at them from our kitchen window and see all the details inside the blooms. They are among our favorite plants and I highly recommend them if you have the climate that is favorable to them. They can be expensive so I watch for sales and pamper them when planting but otherwise they thrive without much attention and reward us year after year with charm and grace.

I know many of you are finally coming out of a long and harsh winter. I’m so glad to see the signs of spring that you are sharing and look forward to visiting you to catch up on your news.

Wishing you a beautiful week!

much love,


p. s. Delighted to have contributed an article and photos to this wonderful magazine, Beyond the Camera, published by my friend Sarah Gardner, a creator of gorgeous, romantic images. Do treat yourself to a read of this absolutely lovely publication!

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