Points of Focus

Ranunculus by Georgianna Lane

Ranunculus by Georgianna Lane

Ranunculus by Georgianna Lane

Ranunculus by Georgianna Lane

Ranunculus by Georgianna Lane

Hello, my friends. I do hope you are well.

This year has gotten off to a high-velocity, head-long, full-tilt charge into a number of major projects. I have felt a bit like these wild ranunculus, turning in many directions, each full of promise and interest. I know many of us feel it often enough and I found it beneficial to begin crossing projects, ideas, plans and activities off the list until I had only the ones that were THE most important, the ones that, if I really got them done, I would feel that sometimes elusive sense of accomplishment and also know that I’d taken the right strategic steps for the future, for me, loved ones and family. It was a very good exercise and gave me some stable points to focus on and yank myself back to when the daydreaming and imagining of new and tantalizing projects sets in. :)

A very special one that absolutely stayed on the list is nearly complete. Recently I had the great pleasure of helping Erin of Floret Flowers update her blog and website. We’re still tweaking but are pretty tickled with the result so do stop by and indulge your senses in the abundant beauty of her life and floral creations. She has such an amazing year ahead, you are going to love coming along for the ride!

As for these images, I’m a bit ashamed to say I’ve been tweaking and playing around with them for nearly two years. Who can afford such an indulgence of time? Let’s grab our best and favorite projects, get them done and get them out! The world is waiting to benefit from what each of us are creating. And I myself can’t wait to see what you have been up to, so expect me popping in this coming week – I can’t wait!

Hope you are cozy or cool, whichever your weather requires.

much love,


The Year Ahead

roses on table

David Austin roses on table

David Austin Roses by Georgianna Lane

Hello, my friends! Thank you for all your lovely New Year’s wishes and I send mine manyfold back to each of you.

As we plan and dream to shape our destinies for the coming days, with anticipated joy for all the happy times, we will inevitably find at some points in the year that we are not in fact the ultimate arbiters of our fate, that other influences redirect or even completely detour our carefully laid out course. But how we adjust and carry on is what truly matters.

I’ve chosen the images for this post with a good measure of thought. From a shoot I did last summer (with Erin of Floret who created the amazing arrangements), I admit I’ve been “saving” them as they are quite special to me. They embody new directions and new levels of creative endeavor. I’ve saved them, but now release them – my gift out to the universe, a little offering saying “this is what I’m up to” and what I’m dreaming of. Breathtaking beauty to celebrate the coming triumphs, gentle grace to soothe and calm the stormy days that will no doubt come.

And so, this first post of the new year is filled with hopes and wishes and optimism. In twelve months time, I’ll see if these images will join in a complete circle of accomplishments, the ends tying rather neatly together the threads of flowers, travel and photographs.

And you? What are your dearest dreams for your new year? Whatever they are, you have my wishes right along side yours that they all come true.

much love,


Happy New Year!

clock at midnight

To our dear friends far and near: We wish for each of you and your loved ones great health, boundless joy, prosperity, compassion, love and your most precious dreams come true.

The Happiest of New Years to you!

Much love,

Georgianna and David

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