Plum Perfect

blue sky and clouds

Hello, my friends! Today’s post is a celebration in pinks and grey-blue of one of our favorite spring joys: the blossoms of our Blireina plum trees.

If you’ve visited here in past years, you might recall that every March I go a bit crazy during the brief appearance of these magical, fragrant flowers. So much loveliness to capture! And this year, with a sudden spell of unseasonably warm weather, the blossoms opened literally overnight and soon will be falling like fairy dust or like the snow that many of you have been experiencing.

Our Easter weekend was blue sky, billowing clouds springing across it like new lambs and summer temps which brought forth an explosion of pink and white beauty citywide. Perfect weather for a summer day and astonishing for March. All the more panic-inducing than usual because the window for photographing it all will be swift – the rains return in a few days. And so, my studio has been filled with bucket loads and arm loads and table loads of blossoms – not only plum but cherry, quince and magnolia. Not to mention the bounty from the woodland garden of narcissus, hyacinth, bleeding heart, hellebores, vinca and so much more.

But of all the pink blossoms floating around us, these from our plum trees are most special. Growing in our own garden, with the loveliest ruffly petals and sweet smell, they bring smiles and joyful thoughts of Spring’s arrival and a reminder to embrace and cherish her fleeting treasures.

Wishing each of you much beauty and grace this week.



Spring Snowflakes

Spring Snowflake, Leucojum vernum, photographed by Georgianna Lane, flowers by Floret Flower Farm


Leucojum, spring snowflake, in woodland garden in spring


Hello friends and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Celebrating in green and white, and since many of you are experiencing unexpected (and perhaps un-wished for) snowflakes this week, here is a sweet flowering bulb called just that – Spring Snowflake (Leucojum vernum). Along with its variant, Summer Snowflake (Leucojum aestivum), it is sometimes mistaken for a snowdrop, but flowers a week or two later. So, although you may not appreciate winter hanging on as it seems to be in many areas, this shows that some spring snowflakes can be most welcome.

Our woodland garden is awake and blooming with daffodils, hellebores, early rhododendrons, hyacinth and periwinkle! The first robins and winter wrens are singing with gusto at dawn and, a sure sign of spring: D is preparing the lawns for new seeding. The office is filled at this moment with the heady scent of a luxurious bouquet of deep purple hyacinth, harvested yesterday by Erin from her greenhouse at Floret. (I do know I am very lucky!)

Wherever you are, we wish you a week of happy adventures and joy in the simple beauties of life.

with love,


It’s Time



narcissus bridal crown





(Flowers by Floret Flower Farm, styled and photographed by Georgianna Lane)


Hello, dear friends! I couldn’t wait any longer! Now that the calendar says March and so much life is pushing up in the garden, I could delay not a minute more in sharing these images of the sweetest, cheeriest flowers of all (in my view).

When I was growing up, we spent several years on a little farm in Oregon that faced an enormous field of daffodils. I so well remember the glorious fragrance of the rows of brave, yellow soldiers – among the first beacons of spring.

Although I grow many varieties of narcissus myself, this particular shoot from last year features the dizzying array grown by Erin at Floret. When she dropped off several buckets of blooms last March, I couldn’t resist styling them this way and that way to show them off.

We are a few weeks away from this abundance being a reality this year but isn’t the anticipation of spring a delightful part of its magic? So much to look forward to, days of bursting beauty and new growth.

And bursting is what we are doing here with new plans, adventures and projects. I know it’s been a bit quiet here so far this year due to other things needing my attention but now we’re gearing up for some amazing endeavors. It’s a good challenge to spring clean the clutter and streamline the way for the best year of creativity yet, isn’t it?

It’s time!

Thinking of you and wishing each of you a weekend filled with beauty.

much love,


p. s. Erin doing a little survey over at her blog and would love your input!

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