Welcome Spring

It has seemed a long time coming, hasn’t it, dear friends? But, after an awe-filled night under a super-glorious full moon, a fresh new season arrived, splashed with crimson dawn beneath welcoming skies of Robin’s egg blue.

I wish that your week is rich with blossoming promise, that spring’s abundance carries through for those heading toward autumn, and most of all that our dear neighbors in the Land of the Rising Sun and elsewhere who are suffering feel love and comfort and have hope for new growth to come.

Thank you, as always, for stopping by. Across the world, from near and far, your visit means so much.


– g

Sweet Snowdrop

Hello, friends! The Equinox approaches, the coins of the year already nearly a quarter of the way spent and jangling away in memory.

Galanthus nivalis

Sweet snowdrops, early heralds of spring. Their delicate performance is nearly over, captured here in the lingering light of a longer day, soft sunlight through an open window. Do you see how it illuminates the fragile structure, so much smaller than the tip of my finger? Do snowdrops hold a place in your heart?

But I’m afraid I have told you an untruth. Forgive me, but I wanted to make a small point, as you are interested in what I do. You see, in fact, I took these photographs late last night, in the small hours of deepest darkness, when most people are snuggled in sleep.

On my way up to bed, passing my studio, I remembered that I promised this precious little bloom (the only one of his kind that braved our incessant rain this month) that if he allowed me to cut him out of the garden, I would take his portrait and share him with the world.

And thus, I did. Knowing that his beauty might be withered by morning, I did it then and there. Pitch black and bucketing rain outside but a sunny spring day inside.

And so, dear friends, I offer a little tip for you. If you are serious about your photographic journey, please don’t limit yourself to only sunny, daylight hours. Be willing and able to get any photograph, at any time. Every moment matters – and they are all fleeting. Learn proper studio lighting – it isn’t hard or expensive. It’s a whole new world.

Without it I wouldn’t be able to share this sweet Galanthus with you today. Doesn’t he look proud?

• • • •
Thank you, as always, for your visits and lovely words. I know our thoughts and hearts and wishes and love are oceans away with our island nation friends. I appreciate the time you take to stop here.
– g
p. s. Nikon 60 mm f/2.8 macro lens, at f/5.0, 1/250th of a second, Paul C. Buff softbox, Alien Bees B800 monolight, on Manfrotto tripod

Damask and Daffodils

Hello, my friends! Spring is so very close, isn’t it? Here is a peek into what’s going on in my studio. The weather hasn’t been too inviting, some sunny days but also coolness and gray rain – fortunately the light is reaching further toward the equinox and there is lovely softness coming through the windows.

So scattering some spring color your way to brighten your week.

Narcissus ‘White Tete a Tete

Once again you’ve overwhelmed me with your gracious and enthusiastic comments on the ranunculus post. Thank you very much. And delightful to see quite a few new visitors from around the world – so lovely to hear from you!
And in the garden, the robins are singing, the chickadees are chattering and soon I’ll be rising before daylight again to begin obsessively recording it all. What joy! And what a pity we have to sleep at all in spring and summer.
A most beautiful week to each of you.
– g
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