Persistence and Grace

Magnolia x soulangiana ‘Rustica Rubra’

A source of springtime awe and wonder, the regal magnolia unfolds its flower goblets to the welcome sun, as it has for millennia, for a million years or more, for this ancient genus has inhabited the planet longer even than bees.

Magnolia liliflora
And so, I find them – at this juncture of the year – a fitting symbol of endurance, an annual reminder of the power of persistence, adaptability, longevity.

Magnolia x soulangiana ‘Rustica Rubra’

Hot, cold, wet, dry – their lineage has not bowed to the vagaries of climates and seasons.

Magnolia ‘Ricki’

They adapt, they persist, some do not survive, but as a species they thrive.

Magnolia ‘Royal Crown’

Just as we do, in our own way. A season passes, a year, a lifetime. What is left behind? The memories of laughter, the seeds of the future, the unbroken line of family and dreams. Grace and dignity, passed on, passed down. The true essence and vitalness of every individual. The comfort of knowing what will come again.

Magnolia x soulangiana ‘Rustica Rubra’

Sending you thoughts of peace and renewal, for spring or autumn, at the turning of the year.

In loving memory of my cousin David O.

• • • •

– g

Hearts and Flowers

This morning I heard the very welcome and sweet opening notes of the first robin’s song this season! A day earlier than last year, which was earlier than the year before. This, of course, means that soon I’ll rise before the sun each morning, recording our glorious dawn chorus to share. This makes me positively giddy! To celebrate, here are some images I look last spring, lilac and Blirieana plum blossoms from our garden.
These four images are also now in my shop, individually and as a collage.

AND, I made a little hearts-and-flowers download for you, for your Valentine’s projects. You can download it here. (They are sized for a McGill 1 1/4″ heart punch, in case you have one. Personal usage only, thanks.) Enjoy!

Wishing you a Sunday filled with wonder and wonderful things!

– g
p. s. Thank you so much for your enthusiastic response to Eline’s book. She shared your comments with her publisher to inspire them to do an English language version!

A Visit to Eline’s House

Happy February!! Still a bleak winter for so many, I thought you’d enjoy something cheery. Let’s visit a great blogging friend from The Netherlands, designer Eline Pellinkhof. (We met on Holly Becker’s Blogging Your Way e-course last year.) Eline and her work have recently been published in a beautiful book exclusively featuring the designs from her studio, called Eline’s Huis (Eline’s House). We did a holiday swap, and in exchange for my 2011 roses calendar, she sent me a copy of the book! Inspired by all the amazing projects inside, I created some gift tags and paired them up with some of my rose photographs:

The entire book is done in a palette of red, pink, pale blue, ivory, sand and white. It is so gorgeous. Above left are my tags and on the right you can see many of the common elements used throughout the book’s projects – butterflies, hearts, pretty stamps, lace and needlepoint.

The cute felt heart and red heart tape on the tag above were Christmas gifts from my dear friend, Tina at Traveling Mama. Another wonderful designer, she sent them from Copenhagen and they’re perfect for this project. Thank you, Tina! And more roses:

Below is not my house, but it IS Eline’s house and you can see the cover of the book as well as many of the projects that appear in it. Aren’t they wonderful?

The photography is stunning. Here’s a great video that takes you through the book:

Very exciting news is that the book has already sold out its first printing of 3,000 copies! But it is back in stock and you can get it here and here. So far it is only available in Dutch but it’s very easy to understand the projects even so. It’s really one of the most wonderful craft and design books I’ve ever seen and I wish I could take a year off and make everything in it! Congratulations, Eline and thank you! Be sure to visit her blog for many more projects.

• • • •

And thank YOU very much for your beautiful comments on my last post and for visiting my new website. Your feedback on that is invaluable and I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy days.

Positive thoughts and best wishes to any of you facing rough weather this week.

love, – g

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