l’impression d’été

l’impression d’été, originally uploaded by georgiannalane.

Natural Phenomena

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Last night was truly magical – in the area of natural phenomena. As I was coming up to bed, moonlight spilled through our bedroom windows to the east, and fully covered the bed in the guest room. As I stood at the eastern windows, making sure I was getting covered in moonlight from head to toe, I could see Ursa Major dipping ever so slightly more toward the tree tops to the north, and to the south, Venus was a brilliant beacon. It’s unusual to be able to see the stars to the north when the moon is so full, casting shadows about the garden and filling the rooms with brilliance.

My husband said yesterday, after another night of me leaping out of bed to make sure I got my moonlight bath, that he’s never known anyone who so got so excited about natural phenomena. It’s true, I get quite a jolt of pleasure from the daily changes in the stars, sun, moon, clouds, sunrise, sunset. But I’m not the only one – it’s often the first thing my Mom and I will talk about (she lives across town). “Did you see the moon last night?” “I DID, it was incredible!” “And Venus hanging right next to it?” “Amazing!” She must have passed on the delight and thrill in seeing the show of beauty and wonder put on each day.

And why not? It’s beautiful, it’s always interesting, it’s out of our control. And it’s a bit of magic to carry with you through the day.

Late Summer Delights

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Here as promised are some shots from the P-Patch yesterday. A P-Patch is basically an urban community allotment garden, where different people can tend a small plot and grow veggies, fruit or flowers. The “P” comes from the Picardo Farm in Seattle which became the original P-Patch. It’s a term specific to Seattle, where we now have over 50 P-Patches.

This one is in Ballard, the neighborhood where my Mom lives. It’s really a very beautiful garden and fun to explore. Public welcome! Lots of great photo ops and stories to be found.

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The promised rain arrived but now at 11 am it’s sunny again, albeit blustery. Beautiful light so I may head out for more photos…

– g

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