Once Again

Yesterday was beautiful yet again. I spent time in the garden and worked outside as much as possible to enjoy it all.

Last night clear skies allowed a brilliant full moon to shine fully into our bedroom before we went to bed. I love to stand naked in the window with moonlight pouring over me (no, of course the neighbors can’t see anything! eek!)

The Big Dipper is still hanging above the trees but is ‘dipping’ now a bit below the tops.

Today was meant to be rainy and cloudy but dawned beautifully with clear skies. It was sunny and warm most of the day, until early evening when high clouds moved in with the threat of rain.

This afternoon I visited one of Seattle’s famous “P-Patches”, basically an allotment garden where people each have a plot and grow amazing things. This one is very large – 70 people have gardens with tomatoes, zucchini, dahlias, strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins and all kinds of perennial and annual flowers. I got to chatting with one of the people working on their garden named Len. Turns out he lives across the street and has gardened there for 12 years! He pulled the most beautiful zucchini out of the ground and handed it to me! So D and I had it for dinner! Fabulous!

I’ll post photos from the P-Patch tomorrow. I’m up too late now as it is…

Bird activity is very high. No sign of anyone flying south. They know they have a good thing right here! A Certified Wildlife Habitat means organic worms, plenty of fresh water, lots of cool hiding places, evergreens and native plants with berries for winter.

Tomorrow we are due to have the wettest day since. May. That might not mean much – we’ve had hardly any rainy days since May. But the clouds mean no moon, no stars, no sunrise glow.

Also mean I might get a bit more sleep than usual since I won’t stay up staring at the moon or leap up early to catch the first rays of sun. Hmmm.


– g

September is Still Summer

September is Still Summer, originally uploaded by georgiannalane.

Taken a few hours ago at the Rose Garden

Gorgeous day – tiny shower early this morning, a bit cloudy till mid morning and then blazing sunshine, blue skies, warm, hot even.

Ahh, summer is still with me. Two matches of badminton, some gardening, lots of shooting.

Badminton D: 34 matches G: 34 matches

Goodbye to the Last Day of August

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