A Second Flowering

A Dreamy and Magical Light
Taken yesterday evening at the Rose Garden with my new 50mm 1.4 lens

• • • •
It is a perfect summer Sunday! Clear skies, warm and beautiful. Like yesterday! I’ve been working on images to salute the end of August, not that the end of August is something I think should be celebrated, but more to honor the last days of August and stretch them out.
The summer blooming flowers are beginning their second flowering. The David Austin roses, the geraniums and the hydrangeas all have new flowers forming. Alas, the poor Knock Out roses, that flourished so well at the beginning of summer, are struggling a bit to bloom again now that the silk tree and others are fully leafed out and shading them.
We’ve had birds galore in the garden the last few days – the robin family, juncos, sparrows, spotted tohees. And, of course, the obnoxious jays.


The robins are back!!

We’ve seen a few mamas over the last few days, cautiously digging worms from the lawns. Tonight, though, D told me to look out the living room window and there were at least three Moms and maybe a Dad, and two, possibly three youngsters, all scouring the front lawns!
It’s fantastic to have them back! I don’t think they went anywhere, but were just sticking close to the shrubs. D was a little miffed at all the holes in his beautiful lawns but did admit that the youngsters were extremely cute!
Anyway, the robins are the least of the problem – we are overrun with squirrels this year as the hazel is full of nuts. The little ratbags are so bold, they come right up on the lawn where you might be sitting and proceed to dig a huge hole for their stash. Even running right up to them to shoo them off does no good. Grrr…
So we’ve traded the lovely dawn chorus for the obnoxious screeching of the squirrels and the raucous caws of the jays, who are in competition with the squirrels for all the nuts on the tree. Realize, this is a VERY large hazel tree, with thousand of nuts. We get exactly none each year as the tree is picked clean while the lower front lawn, my roses and hydrangeas are littered with debris. The squirrels do put on a good circus show, though, climbing and hanging and dangling all over the tree.
And wouldn’t you know it, today I got an image request from my UK stock rep for, yup, a shot of hazelnuts growing on the tree, to show growing your own food.
The day started with a gorgeous sunrise, just a few horizontal clouds above the horizon and otherwise clear. But by mid afternoon, a thin cloud layer had formed and by evening it was mostly overcast. Still quite warm. We may get a bit of rain tonight, tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy but then back to sunny skies on Sunday!
– g

“Through the dancing poppies stole a breeze most softly lulling to my soul.”

• • • •

I spent most of yesterday and today editing the video for Colette’s. I’m nearly done with the rough edit, then will tweak timing, sound and color tomorrow. Sunday we’ll render and then export a video to send to the clients. It looks really gorgeous. On his second trip out there (on his motorcycle so he got a ride in and counted it as a day off), he shot some spectacular footage, what i call “money shots”. Breathtaking!

Will post a link here when it’s all done…

– g

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