Sighing at Versailles, Part I

palace of Versailles

A few weeks have passed since my visit to the Palace of Versailles. And now finally a chance review the thousand or so images I took there and begin to fully appreciate, in retrospect, its outrageous and over-the-top splendor (more so than I could whilst in my blistered, footsore, sunburnt, heat-exhausted and general jet-lagged state during said visit).

I had chosen my day carefully, based on weather and expected (smaller) crowd volume. Arriving by an early train from the Musée d’Orsay station in Paris, I began the short walk towards the Palace. The sky was a brilliant, piercing blue (the above photos not enhanced in any way), creating a vibrant backdrop for the gilded Palace as I rounded the corner and it came into view. So brilliant, in fact, that I was actually forced to put my sunglasses on against the golden glare of the entry gate and parapets.

The Sun King would have approved.

The images in this post are all from the main Palace, primarily the State Apartments.The workmanship is exquisite, as can be seen in the detail of the tapestry above Marie Antoinette’s bed. Not printed fabric but painstakingly-crafted, hand-embroidered cloth. I hope you can see the stitches in the close up shots. I didn’t see it myself at the time, due to the distance visitors are required to maintain, but I shot it with a long lens with a high megapixel count camera and during processing was surprised to see the detail suddenly appear.

The famous Hall of Mirrors is staggering. I photographed it from many angles with every single lens I own. After awhile, I figured out the best angle to catch the light though the chandeliers and make little rainbows in the crystals.

Thought I’ve gotten quite a few requests, I haven’t had much time to create fine art print listings for the Versailles series yet but I did get a few images and a little postcard set in my shop here.

And finally, MANY thanks for all your positive feedback and support through the blog move! I really am so fortunate to have such lovely friends and you are each much appreciated.

Have a new week filled with beauty and joy!


– g


Welcome to my blog’s new home! I hope you all have had a smooth journey here and that you enjoy looking around the new format and content.

To celebrate, I’ve brought you some peonies from Paris! Now, it may sound wildly romantic to say that I went to Paris just to photograph the peonies but there is a bit of truth in that statement. When I was hired for an assignment in Europe, I scheduled a stay in Paris as close to peony season as possible. And happened to have lovely weather.

The always-beautiful Paris flower markets and shops were beyond bursting with peonies, roses, Lisianthus and more. This particular “shop” in Saint Germain was really little more than an open door to a closet-sized room overflowing with buckets of blooms that spilled out to cover every inch of the sidewalk outside – all exquisitely presented and arranged. Purchasing a huge bouquet for the apartment, I was granted free rein to photograph it all.

So, for you, armloads of pivoines. Just imagine the fragrance!

Thank you for being here, dear friends.

xo – g

Important News! I’m Moving!

For you from our garden 

Hello, dear Friends!

A quick post to let you know that, after nearly five years and 300 posts here on Blogger, I’m moving my blog to a new host and new platform. I’ve been working on this for a little while and have recently hired someone to help with the final switch over. Looks like it will be completed faster than I thought and the new site could be up and running within days!

We’re doing our best to ensure the transition is seamless and that all posts, comments and followers are automatically transferred and stay intact. So, you shouldn’t have to do a thing.

But, I’m pretty nervous to make this change so just in case, please do keep an eye out for the next post. I would seriously hate to lose contact with a single one of you. (To be honest, this is making me lose some of the already limited sleep I am getting right now!)

The new site address will be:

To be on the safe side, it would be great if you would like to stay connected by:

Following me on Twitter. (@georgiannalane)

Liking my Facebook page.

Signing up for my mailing list.

Then you’ll be sure to hear about the new site when it is officially launched.

The next issue of my newsletter will also be out this week with a texture tutorial, a free download of one of my favorite textures, photo tips and more. Would love to send you a copy!

AND, once any dust is settled at the new website, to celebrate, I’ll be having some truly wonderful giveaways during the month of July. Think Paris, romance, good books and tea parties.

I have so many new posts planned with more from Venice, Paris, Versailles, London, a new project photographing the most beautiful floral displays you have EVER seen and some great new features.

So, I look forward continuing our adventures on the updated blog. None of this would be nearly as much fun without you to share it with!

See you soon!

much love, – g

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