Hello and welcome! I’m a professional photographer, writer and designer, and co-Founder/Director of, a specialist horticultural, botanical and travel photo library of over 40,000 images.

My husband, David, and I are based in north Seattle and work out of our studio on our wooded property, which we have had Certified as a Wildlife Habitat. We travel regularly to various international locations, photographing beautiful gardens and iconic destinations. We are fortunate to experience and capture so much in our travels but are always happiest coming home to the trees and birds here at Hillhaven. Whether in my photographs, writing or design, I love sharing the everyday fairytales, magical moments and places of wonder I encounter along the way. Thank you for joining me!

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Paris January 2014

Venice February/March 2014

Paris April/May 2014

English Gardens June 2014

Cornwall, England September 2014

Paris October 2014

Santiago, Chile November 2014

San Francisco April 2013

Oregon Coast June 2013

New York October 2013

Santiago and
Valparaiso, Chile November 2013