Love and Light

A few more of the lights on our two little live spruces (one in our office and one outside the living room) with different filters.

I wish each of you a wonderful season of celebration in honor of your beliefs, whatever they may be, and of our collective beliefs in the goodness of our fellows and our hopes for a bright future.

love and light,

– g


One subject I love to photograph, as much as flowers and gardens, is light. Light of all kinds – capturing its illusiveness has fascinated me for a long time.

In the northern Hemisphere, we approach the darkest days. But spirits are brightened as the festive season uplifts with endless sources of light, from man-made to spirit-made, from souls in harmony reaching out to spread brightness and warmth.

Some photographs taken over the last two or three years, experiments and explorations.

Twinkle, twinkle, great big stars.

Hearts, of course!

A butterfly-shaped filter I made for the Lensbaby and then pointed at the huge star light on top of a department store, turning its single light into a winged beacon. (For you, dear Kathryn.)

Just for fun, just for some sparkle in your day.

• • • •
Thank you very much for your visits and comments on the last two posts. I’m really so happy that many of you stopped by City of Blackbirds for my inspiration article and left such sweet comments for Éadaoin. I hope you get the opportunity to visit her regularly, she is a very special soul.
A bit busy at this end, and I imagine for you, too, dear friends, yes? I hope you can take the time to enjoy the preparations amid the busyness and know that you are appreciated.
xo – g

Autumn ♥ Love

Autumn can make me moody and melancholy. The dark, the damp, the dreary.

But this week such gloom and glum has been banished by our record-breaking warm and sunny weather – 74 degrees today! November! Not an occasion to squander.

So, the last two days have found me on a frantic and frenetic frenzy of photographing fall foliage!
I simply decided to drive through my area and stop at all the places that I regularly pass and say “sometime I must come back and photograph that.” (Don’t you do that, too?)

Yesterday’s first stop was magic, no doubt. Lured by a liquid light swishing through multi-colored leaves in a park I’ve driven past hundreds of times, I was enchanted to discover sweet trees festooned with golden hearts!

And with such a sweet name – ‘Forest Pansy’, of the Redbud family. (Cersis canadensis)

Nature’s garlands, buntings and banners.
I left exhilarated, elated and extra-appreciative of living in such a gorgeous city.

AND so happy to share it with you, who are so lovely with your kind comments and visits. I’m really delighted to have you along on these adventures but I must admit to much more to come – can you stand it? Do let me know if you tire of autumn – I have lots of pretty flower photos to get us through winter but, gosh, this. is. happening. right. now!

See you tomorrow with more. I hope you are having a joyful week and thank you as always for your kindness and support.
xo – g

p. s. And in the middle of it all (thanks to my iPhone), I received some exciting news which I should be able to share on Saturday!
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