Another dawn

After a day of rain, dawn crept in with soft sunshine, the best time to be out in the garden. Here is the gate between the two upper gardens, one more formal and orderly, the other a bit wild and free. The hydrangeas are at their glorious best.

Something I never knew about my father was his love of irises. Among his important papers we found a picture of Van Gogh’s Irises, which my brother said were Dad’s favorite flowers. I will be planting iris bulbs with abandon this fall.

Yet another shot of the Calla Lily.

More shots of the overall grounds and some of the house. This is the back lawn, a terraced, rolling expanse with birches and maples, bordered by firs and pines.

The view from the kitchen window.

Two views of the living room.

Looking out the living room window to the upper front lawn.

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