Vintage Peonies

I’ve always loved the look of hand-tinted black and white or sepia photos. Although I never learned the classic technique, I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop and some peony images I shot last spring. I thought I’d share some of the results to see what you think. It’s actually quite simple so if you’re interested, I might make it the subject of the next tutorial. Have any of you ever done hand-tinting on prints? Such a beautiful treatment.

Thank you, as always, for your visits and comments. I hope you all have an abundantly marvelous weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!


– g


  • I love these.

    October 7, 2012
  • Ritva from Finland

    I’m in love with these fabulous peonies…these are just breath-taking!

    October 7, 2012
  • Georgianna these are stunning. Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend :)

    October 7, 2012
  • The look is soft and faded and conjures in my mind, Miss Haversham, from Charles Dickens novel ‘Great Expectations’.

    October 7, 2012
  • I like sepia filter on photos, too, althoug I’m a complete amateur!
    Your photos are lovely!

    October 7, 2012
  • So beautiful! I love this treatment, it looks so ethereal and romantic…

    I hope you’re having a great weekend!
    Moa xo

    October 7, 2012
  • These photos make me want to cry for their sheer beauty and femininity. A tutorial would be nice on how to do this.

    As always, your photos are beautiful Georgianna. You have a wonderful talent.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

    October 7, 2012
  • Annette

    The first look at these beauties elicited a groan of pleasure from this being. Wow, Georgianna! I would be delighted if you were to make your next post about how it’s done! Lovely, lovely work…but then, anything from you is always spectacular. xoxo, Annette

    October 7, 2012
  • Dear Georgianna,

    Absolutely fabulous!!! What a dream these peonies are and you captured them just as dreamy as they are. You’re a master in setting the right tone and atmospheres. It touches my heart, always!

    October 7, 2012
  • what a gorgeous bouquet. so pretty. i love flowers. (:

    October 7, 2012
  • Beautiful as always. I love when old wedding or baby photos are done this way- with rosy cheeks. I’ve always wanted to try hand-tinting with some of my black and white pictures. My dad even found a how-to kicking around in his book collection and gave me a vintage hand-tinting kit that he had purchased in the 60s. I never ended up using it because the chemicals were so smelly :) They probably make better materials now.

    October 7, 2012
  • tina

    Classic Georgianna!!! Gorgeous shots with amazing processing!! These are some of the prettiest I have seen – they make me swoon!!! Hope you’re having a restful weekend, and hi to D too!! hugs! t.

    October 7, 2012
  • Hello G
    This is the most perfectly balanced bouquet of peonies I’ve ever seen! The container is gorgeous and then adding your vintage techniques has produced a vision in pink. I may have to order a copy of this for changing up the pink frame I have with the butterfly on it.

    October 7, 2012
  • These are gorgeous! And I love the treatment you used. I’d love to see how it was done. I have some gerbers waiting to try it on!!
    I’ve had peonies in my garden for years, but mine don’t look like these, where are the ants??!!

    October 7, 2012
  • Simply beautiful, Georgianna!
    I love the vintage feel to each of these.
    I’ve not used Photoshop to hand tint, but I have used Topaz to do it, and I loved the results.

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

    October 7, 2012
  • Georgianna…..I am in such awe of the beautiful flowers that you shoot and love the texture on this one!
    xo, Janet

    October 7, 2012
  • Dearest G,
    Your images are truly amazing. They always are! I love this effect you have used on them. No, I have never hand tinted photos before. As you can tell by my photos, I know nothing of editing, but I am hoping that I can learn a little this winter when things slow a bit for me.

    I have been meaning to write to tell you how much I LOVE your beautiful newsletters. I am always so thrilled when I see them in my in-box. How generous of heart you are my lovely friend!
    sending hugs….

    October 7, 2012
  • Just exquisite, Georgianna!!! I would definitely be interested in a tutorial! I only recently learned about hand coloring prints and would love to try it, but I’m already going in too many directions :~/ Maybe someday :~)

    October 7, 2012
  • Absolutely love those photos

    October 7, 2012
  • Oh so beautiful G! Love the romantic feel and your post processing is just perfect. I’ve never tried the hand-tinting but surely need to learn more about it. :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xo

    October 7, 2012
  • I love the soft vintage look of your beautiful peonies. Would love to know how you did that.

    Thanks for the holiday wishes.


    October 7, 2012
  • WOW, you have been working hard!!

    October 7, 2012
  • …and I thought I was commenting on the calendars, but never mind! Beautiful stuff as usual!

    October 7, 2012
  • Valerie

    The peonies are gorgeous and the urn just shows them off so well. Of course I would love to see the tutorial. Valerie

    October 7, 2012
  • So lovely…your processing only added to their beauty. A tutorial would be wonderful…!

    October 8, 2012
  • Oh, I’d love if you shared a tutorial! I was thinking as I was scrolling down that your images always have such a soft, ethereal quality. And I don’t mean “soft” in a bad way! Breathtaking.

    October 8, 2012
  • You created beauty again Georgianna! I love this look!

    October 8, 2012
  • Hi Georgianna,

    Wow, these peonies are divine. I love the vintage touch in each photography. Amazing work as usual, looking forward to your next tutorial.

    I hope all is well with you – it’s been a while.

    Have a beautiful day!!

    October 8, 2012
  • Hi G,
    I’m familiar with the look of hand-tinted B&W photos. You’ve come up with a beautiful contemporary version! I would love to hear how this was accomplished.
    Hope your week is super :)
    xo ~ A

    October 8, 2012
  • So enchanting and elegant. Best wishes for a great week!

    October 9, 2012
  • There was a woman student at photoigraphy college a year ahead of me who did handpainted black and whites with such panache, I thought they looked like paintings, and I wanted to be able to do that, but never did, nor since then either.

    The first pic in this series has a beautiful texture to it that really brings out the delicate colouring of the flowers. Peonies are beautiful! Thank you!

    October 9, 2012
  • Marie Arden

    So wonderful and soft and vintage! Of course I adore it even more since it is PINK and peonies!! Have a wonderful fall season.

    October 10, 2012
  • Just breathtaking! Your special touches make a beautiful bouquet even more alluring! You amaze me, my friend!

    October 10, 2012
  • You, naturally, had me at “vintage”, but entranced my eyes and soul alike much longer with your resplendently lovely art. I have never seen peonies look quite as beautiful – or romantic – as you’re portrayed them here, dearest Georgianna.

    ♥ Jessica

    October 10, 2012
  • They are lovely. I’ve never tried that technique. Hope you’re having a wonderful week, Georgianna.

    October 10, 2012
  • Good heavens, these are beautiful! I love the vintage look they have. I’d love to know how you created them. xo

    October 10, 2012
  • Hi g! Oh these are just splendid… love your technique in processing them. So, so beautiful dear friend.

    I have only done hand tinting on a printed photograph. I print it on matte paper and then use colored pencils or pastels to tint with. It’s a lot of fun to do!

    October 13, 2012
  • Oh, I just love this! So very vintage!!
    This is something I must try to do too. :)

    October 13, 2012
  • Susan

    These are simply exquisite! Yes, would love some photoshop tips on this technique. Lovely work! Thank you for sharing!

    October 14, 2012
  • Georgianna, I really love the vintage touch you’ve given the peonies! Everything you do is fantastic, though. I’m always inspired when I visit your blog!

    October 14, 2012
  • Oh my… These do look so beautiful. I would love to hear your technique. I do hope you had a wonderful weekend.


    October 15, 2012
  • A Garden of Threads

    These are stunning, I would be very interested in learning this technique in a tutorial. Keep well, hugs, Jen.

    October 15, 2012
  • Absolutely beautiful! Love the vintage feel. I’d love a tutorial!!

    October 15, 2012
  • How wonderful Georgianna, yours is real art! Lovely!!

    October 15, 2012
  • Amazing! Congrats!

    October 15, 2012
  • peonies are my favorite!! sorry it’s been soo long since i’ve been here! miss u!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    October 16, 2012
  • AWEsome, dear Georgianna! :)

    October 31, 2012
  • Tutorial??

    Yes, please.

    November 2, 2012

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