April Rain

It’s supposed to be spring. But it’s been pouring. Or, to use the charming phrase from weather.com – “showers becoming a steady, soaking rain”. Oh well, we always look at it as free water for the garden.

These lovely robins are creating their own shower.

Last year I put a huge ceramic basin on top of one of the old stumps on the property and we filled it with water. It took months before any bird would touch it but now competition for a place in the tub is fierce between robins, jays, crows, flickers and even doves – there is literally a line up some days. These three were all in it at the same time, splashing about.

A robin has to bathe twice a day to keep his feathers clean or he can’t fly. Since we love our robins, we now have at least seven baths about the place.

It’s not a great shot as I grabbed it while standing at the kitchen sink, but their expressions crack me up. – g

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