The Dawn Solo

This morning – only one robin discernible, not starting until 5:10 and lasting only 10 minutes. I shouldn’t be sad – they have earned a rest, although they are still quite busy and active throughout the day. It’s just now mornings are less cheery, and I find I’m oversleeping. It seems so sudden, but it has been changing gradually over the last week or so. Amazing how nature works.

Sparkling Mid Summer

Bellis, originally uploaded by georgiannalane.

(texture by Florabella Textures)

It’s really happening. The birds are winding down for the season. Oh, they will be around still, but the dawn chorus is nearly over for this year. This morning the birds didn’t start until after 5:00 and only went for a few minutes. It’s sad for me, as it marks a change, a waning of the days, even though warmer ones are coming. The daylight hours are perceptibly shorter and the sun no longer rises exactly in between the fir trees through our bedroom window.

The Chorus

Our dawn chorus is sadly dimishing. Today it didn’t begin until 4:50 am and barely lasted 15 minutes. The birds that participated gave it their all but it is noticeably quieter and shorter. I’m still recording on some mornings, though.

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