And Another

Crystal clear morning, Venus bright through the trees, brilliant blue skies all day…

Another Beautiful Day

Coreopsis rosea “Heaven’s Gate”
Taken yesterday evening at the Rose Garden
• • • •

Clouds obscured the dawn light this morning, but burned off quickly so the morning was bright with soft, lovely light. But not warm…

Badminton update: D: 31 matches G: 30 matches

Summer, Please Don’t Leave

Poppy, July 09

• • • •

Sunrise, two days ago, 5:50 am
• • • •

The beautiful days continue, although mornings are cool and sometimes misty. Sunrises in August are usually quite spectacular. There seems to often be a few layers of cloud on the horizon, and the sun is now rising at a more oblique angle. At the solstice, the sun rose in between the trees in the above photo. Now, it’s well off to the right.

Evenings are clear. Before I go to sleep, I always stand for a bit looking out of our bedroom windows. For the last few nights, the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) has been hanging just at the tops of the trees, with the North Star (Polaris) directly above a tall fir out our north window. Cassopoeia lies to the east.
Amazing how it all changes so quickly. I’m really not ready for summer to be over. But it’s not, yet. The forecast is for many more sunny days, and last September saw not a drop of rain or cloud.
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