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I wish I had thought of a better title… :)

Why Badminton?

Uh, I’ve been meaning to write something on this for awhile. I post our badminton tournament scores here occasionally, like it has some importance, and since badminton has a reputation as a dorky, pansy kind of game, I thought I’d explain.

We began playing two years ago at the suggestion of my sister when we had a family gathering here. We don’t have a pool or tennis court but managed to mark out a (completely nonstandard) badminton court. The boundaries include two plum trees, the prickly rosa rugosa, a birch and one of the slopes to the next terraced lawn. It’s pretty bumpy and by this time in the summer the grass is pulverized from playing on it, but since it’s mostly clover and moss on this part of the property, D doesn’t mind.
My bro Davey got us super duper pro level Yonex rackets and shuttlecocks so we are also stylin’ out on the court! They are a dream to play with.
Last year we played occasionally but this year we’ve attempted to play twice a day. Why?
1. It’s actually decent exercise. We don’t play in a dorky, pansy way. It’s pretty blistering and we are getting pretty good.
2. We need some form of exercise away from our computers and cameras as we are In Training to climb Machu Picchu next month!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to go there my whole life and now it’s finally going to happen, thanks to D. But we need to be in better shape as there is no way I am going to miss anything due to altitude sickness.
3. When you used to be a tennis player, but now have a knee that doesn’t work as well as it used it, badminton is a fair substitute…
4. It’s good for the hand eye coordination and exercises your eyes at distances that aren’t computer or viewfinder related.
So… that’s ‘why badminton?’ And on that note, here are the tournament scores as of this morning:
D: 26 matches G: 25 matches (I am hopeless in the morning)
– g

Rain and Sun

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A very strange occurrence has taken place the last few days. We’ve had RAIN! Probably more than we’ve had for months. Which is overall a good thing as the garden really needs it, but makes for more gloomy mornings which are way too reminiscent of autumn.

But the rainy mornings have given way to gorgeous afternoons and evenings with interesting clouds and fresh breezes.

Working on many projects, including a new article for Fine Art Registry, delivering images to a new client downtown and chipping away at the Never Ending Project to set up an Etsy store.

Plus spending way too much time on Flickr and visiting some fun and addictive blogs. Here’s one highly recommended:

She left on a monday

Also dipping into some old Victoria magazines for design/photography inspiration. Found a great article and quote which inspired a new still life yesterday, the shots of which I decided I don’t like so will reshoot today… The quote is more enduring:

“Nobody knows quite how the world is going to shape itself, but as long as people care about art and books and flowers, the world will be a good place to live.” – Enid Haupt

– g
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